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Kutuhala Soul's Serenity Retreat

" Kutuhala is a sanskrit word that means- that which excites wonder"

"Your sacred soul passion is powerful enough to shift the state of your inner reality and your outer experience, so commit to what truly ignites your heart and do not be dissuaded by anything or anyone. If you are seeking to make a commitment, do so when it truly connects you to your heart. Follow your genuine, meaningful bliss. know that no matter what appears to be, you shall prevail. You shall arise" -Alana Fairchild 

Current Retreat Dates

(coming soon)

Fall of 2022

Contact us by Email or call to register 


Hello Beautiful Souls,


My name is Torie and I am an Energy Healer and Creatrix. I use a variety of modalities in my practice which include Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystal Energy, Sound Frequency, and Channeled Energy. Every soul is unique, and it is with this in mind that I customize each treatment and creation intuitively.


As part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and help heal my clients, empowering them to align to their highest vibration.


It is my honour to guide you as you design a custom crystal bead bracelet. We will do a short meditation to connect to your higher self, discuss crystal properties, and how to intuitively pick beads. All bracelets made will receive energetic alignment to the heart chakra frequency. I look forward to connecting with you on a soul level.


Torie Layne

Instagram: luminousheart.healing
















I am a country Alberta girl at heart, but with a twist of love for yoga, wellness, nature and travelling. If it wasn’t for yoga, I don't know where I would be today. When I was 16, I was dabbling with a Patrica Welden’s beginner yoga tape my mother had purchased.  Then, in my grade 12 year I had an intense emotional shift which was what initiated a  consistent yoga practice.
Ten years ago my yoga practice went from an at home routine to a class room atmosphere, beginning in Australia.  Once I came home, I knew becoming a yoga instructor was in my future and since then I achieved my 200hr Alberta Hot Yoga training, and 32hr Yin Yoga. I also have the experience of giving adjustments in classes which has taught me about holding space and witnessing how students feel their way into a pose. Yoga has taught me acceptance, gratitude and balance, and one day it just followed me off my mat into the "real world".  The guidance of yoga brought me to the realization of my other passion: nutrition. My goal in life is to help people feel good about themselves, and to help them create positive habits and find their self-love.

IMG_5036 M.jpg



Writing a bio, is a struggle without telling my whole story, I mean it’s how I got here today doing what I am doing and it’s why I have chosen the life path I have. 
I may be young, however that doesn’t discredit all I have been through.
From a young age I had self worth issues continuing into my adulthood. Teenage years of having no idea who I am or what I want to do while juggling depression, school, 3 jobs, and living on my own. Battling a drug addiction in my early adulthood. Lastly, surviving a bad car accident. 
That was my turning point of stepping into my purpose. I became a certified international health and life coach, became apart of the Natural Solutions family, and created a family of my own. 
While I was pregnant with my daughter is when I found the spiritual side of healing. Shadow work, chakra healing, ancestral healing, inner child work, etc. My post partum depression is what threw me into all of that deeply and I came out stronger, wiser, and brighter.  
All of this is why I am here standing in my power, my truth, living authentically, and showing up as my best self in all areas. 
I look forward to being apart of your self love journey on this retreat, see you soon. 

All the love, light, and peace your way,
Cait Ryann

cait .jpg



Hello beautiful soul, my name is Michelle Jackson

I am an Angelic Feng Shui designer, an Angelic Reiki and Theta healer, and I have found over the years that we can heal so much through creativity.

My grandmother always told me that if you can work with your hands you can spread so much healing.

And here I am today. Let me walk you through a healing art all of your own.

You will pick your own drift wood, we will learn one knot with macrame and create something similar to this piece. 

I have so many colours and fabrics to choose from, you just have to let yourself go and create the colours and feels that work for you.  

Insta @michelle_b_jackson
Facebook @diamondinteriordesignltd




Sue is the owner of Soul Works by Sue Pickering, a healer, Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher, and Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner helping clients to hear their soul speak. Through her signature methodology, she integrates the elements of Mother Gaia allowing them to heal past traumas and transcend into higher consciousness.

She is also the founder of Consciousness Rising Spiritual Academy and leader of the Consciousness Rising movement where she is committed to raising the consciousness of the Earth and elevating Souls into the 5th Dimension and higher.

By learning to use their profound gifts, her clients are able to ignite the divine spark within, connecting them deeply to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self. As an intuitive empath, channeller and through her own healing journey, Sue values authenticity, which is the build block for heightened awareness allowing her to mentor others in a deep and profound manner. 

Sue's enriching articles and expertise have been published in Holistic Fashionista magazine and has created and published her own Oracle Deck, Soul Guidance Oracle Deck with Amanda Robin.



Sue will be helping you create your own smudge feather. Everything will be included for your own creation. Also included when finished will be a Soul Journey to set your intentions and connect to your very own feather. 

Smudging is an ancient purification ritual. It metaphorically renews and cleanses the body, the mind and the spirit. 
The smoke purifies people, spaces or objects, and safeguards against negativity. 





Much Love & LightSue Pickering


Creator Consciousness Rising Spiritual Academy & Soul Development Certification

New Earth Leader 

Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher


Spiritual Growth Workshops

Oracle Card Readings


Consciousness Rising Spiritual Academy




Petal & Blüm (pronounced bloom) is a home based business that utilizes workshops and social media marketing to spread the love of all things plants. We strive to be a little different than your typical home plant shop by organizing and participating in a community event for causes close to our heart, such as Saving Grace Animal Rescue, Red Deer and Sylvan Lake Christmas Bureau and the Red Deer Hospice.

Literally the first thing I say in every workshop – Petal & Blüm is my passion, and I love sharing my knowledge. We started off by doing exclusively terrarium workshops, but we are so much more than that! We offer a diverse selection of products and services that aims to help even the person that doesn’t typically have success with plants enjoy the craft.

Petal & Blüm is always adapting to what our client’s needs/wants are. I love designing and creating so we offer custom seasonal planters, eucalyptus shower bundles and of course house plants and annuals during spring/summer.

plant .jpg

Hello beautiful souls, my name is Janine and I am the creative behind BeautyMark Productions Inc and The Worthy Wick.

I serendipitously crossed paths with the aesthetics world (a profession that cracked me wide open) 10 years ago while guiding my body through a massive healing journey. 

Physically my body was shutting down. I had mentally and physically pushed myself to a breaking point; a point of exertion most 21 year olds don’t face. This was a point in my life I am forever grateful for, but I didn’t know it at the time (20/20 hind-site). My hair was falling out and breaking off, I was inflamed, swollen and puffy, I struggled with skin issues, my menstrual cycle disappeared for almost 2 years and to top it off I was having symptoms of menopause at 21 (hot flashes, night sweats, lethargy, weight gain). My thyroid, parathyroid and adrenals were all screaming at me, and doctors had no answers.

Long story short, aside from the compounded stress and physical exertion my sickness was ultimately emotionally rooted.

There was so much more to the puzzle of my life, my sickness, my struggle… and all the medicine was in the trauma. 

There are always golden nuggets in our experience if we choose to focus on what life is doing for us vs to us.

Fast forward to present day,  I have immersed myself into my divine feminine; alchemizing inner beauty with outer beauty and exploring the magic of energy alchemy  in a more tangible fashion using candles as my channel.

I am journeying through the embodiment sacred geometry, exploring my creativity, alchemizing energy and all it’s potent initiations; working with the elements of Mother Nature, the Ether and literally breathing in the gift of life….. and the most beautiful gift of it all is this; The more I know, I realize how little I actually know and I’m figuring it out as I go, like everyone else. 

I invite you to join me in this beautiful container; exploring life, love and the ignition of your spirit through breathwork and Human Design. 


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