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Medi Spa Services

Professional beauty services performed by our highly skilled, licensed and trained medi spa technical staff.

DMK Paramedical Facials

DMK Facials Start at $150

DMK believes that the origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to educate skin to perform like youthful healthy skin. By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry, the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner. DMK’s revolutionary concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. Botanical-based paramedical products make up the DMK skin care program.



Remove the dead skin cell build-up, which leads to the appearance of dry skin, fine lines, congested skin or skin discolouration. DMK uses enzymatic hydrolysation, a treatment that transforms dead cell material into a weak acid and flushes it away, bringing new skin cells to the surface.


Rebuild skin by encouraging the skin’s vital internal processes to function optimally, enabling cells to stay alive longer and perform at their highest potential, creating healthier, younger looking skin. DMK oils, serums, spritzes and crèmes work directly on the skin cells with DMK's unique ‘direct delivery’. These are designed to provide natural skin tone and moisture.


Protect the skin from the sun, free radicals, glycation and other environmental factors that lead to premature ageing using potent natural antioxidants.


Maintain beautiful skin with DMK Home Prescriptives which work to prolong the results achieved by DMK Professional Treatments. The DMK concept provides clients with lifelong skin management programs to incorporate into their daily lives.


Consultation Required


Botox is FDA approved for treatment of frown lines and wrinkles between the brows. It works by preventing contractions of the underlying muscles, thereby decreasing the wrinkles that are formed by muscle movement. If the wrinkles are too deep, Botox may not get rid of them completely.


Botox treatment consists of a series of injections through a tiny needle to muscles of the face. The Botox takes about a week to take effect, and the effects usually last about3-4months.Repeat injections are required to maintain the effect. Botox works by causing changes in nerve transmission in the injected muscles. This causes a decrease in the ability to contract the muscles, which in turn results in decrease in the wrinkle lines, and also in the ability to frown and make some facial expressions. As time passes, the nerve transmission can resume and the wrinkles and lines of facial expression can return.

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Dermal Filler

Consultation Required

Dermal filler injections are given to correct facial wrinkles and/or for lip augmentation. Juvederm, Restylane (Perlane) and Radiesse have been approved by the FDA for correction of facial wrinkles. Dermal fillers have been used to enhance the appearance of lips and other areas.


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Microdermabraiosn is a safe, controlled system of exfoliation and resurfacing using a Diamond tip that rejuvenates the skin. The diamond tip works as a gentle abrasive on the skin to remove dead skin cells. The removal of dead skin cells result in the skin feeling instantly smoother and fresher, whilst promoting new skin and collagen growth.


The vacuum action that you will feel draws away the dead skin cells and also stimulates circulation and blood flow. Microdermbrasion can be used for all skin types on all areas of the body and face. After the treatment the skin may feel tight with mild redness. These effects subside within 24 hrs of treatment.



Hydrabrasion is a microdermabrasion system that exfoliates with both a dry and a wet system. The skin is deeply exfoliated with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. This treatment is a soothing, refreshing and deeply cleaning. All the same benefits of microdermabrasion while adding a deeper cleaning effect.


Consultation Required

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a safe and effective technology that is used to treat various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.Our Dermalase IPL can treat the following: Hair Removal, Photorejuvenation, Folliculitis (ingrown hairs), Collagen Stimulation, Fine Lines, Dull Skin, Pigmentation, Epidermal Malasma, Freckles, Age Spots, Rosecea, Broken Capillaries, Scars and Spider Veins


Price Book in for a complementary consultation for price inquiries to target your specific needs.


$50 Per Session

The Eurowave utilizes a pulsating faradic wave, to work out the targeted muscle group, producing a measurable difference after ONE session and incredible results - toning and inch loss - after a course of 10 treatments.


This inch loss can be achieved any place the client chooses, usually tums, bums, thighs, arms and bust are the first picks. The 18-minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, without any muscle soreness the next day.

This is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting an overall reduction or specific stubborn area.

Prices for the Eurowave Pro vary according to the number of sessions you book. The more you book, the more you save. Also, for best results we encourage people to book 10 sessions.


$450 (includes 4-6 week touch up)

Microblading is a form of Semi-Permanent Makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.


This technique is a process that may be used to improve or create eyebrow definition, to cover gaps of lost hair, to extend the eyebrows, or may be used as a full reconstruction if the brows have little/no hair.

Each microblading stroke is applied individually, allowing the therapist to control the shape, color and density of the completed eyebrows. The treatment begins with developing the desired shape, then using individual tattoo strokes or 'feathers' in the area to plot the shape and style requested. The color choice is patient-specific and is mixed using a natural selection of micropigments to complement hair color and skin tone. The treatment is typically a 2 step application process:

  • The initial appointment includes consultation and initial application.

  • The second appointment, six weeks later is to touch up and ensure longevity of the colors used. The 2nd application ensures that the micro-pigments are healing properly and responding well.

Microblading, although semi-permanent, lasts between 1-3 years if proper aftercare instructions are maintained. In order to keep the color crisp, a touch-up service is required up to every 2-3 years depending on the individual's skin and how well it holds the pigment.

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